Easy Way to Add Meta Keywords/Description Tags in Each Blogger Post

We generally asked why we are not sufficiently getting inquiry activity results from web indexes like Google, Bing or Yahoo, despite the fact that we have incredible remarkable quality substance in our online journals. Arrives something we are missing despite the fact that we had quality substance?
It’s similar to in the event that you are living in metroplitan city like Chennai or Bangalore, you won’t share quite a bit of your data about you with your neighborhoods. At that point in the event that somebody tries to contact you for any reasons, at the time you won’t accessible. At that point that gentleman will seek you by inquiring as to yourself with your neighborhoods. At last that fellow will end of with no data about you in light of the fact that you never advised about you to your neighborhoods.
Like that in the event that we are never not told about the post you composed, to Search motors like Google, Bingo or Yahoo utilizing meta magic words, meta depiction and title tag. At that point the web crawlers won’t show content you are composed in indexed lists.
So we have to need educate expressly concerning the post you kept in touch with web search tools utilizing meta watchwords, meta depiction and title tag. Kindly take after this instructional exercise regulated to include special meta depiction/essential words labels to every posts in blogger.
Meta tags or essential words are exceptionally critical SEO terms. To discover your webpage’s rank better in web search tool, you need to add meta keywords, description title, tags in each post in blogger site. In any case, when you need to place essential words in each blogger posts, you can’t on the grounds that there is just meta depiction place in blogger. There you can’t discover decisive words including space. So on the off chance that you need to include meta labels or essential words likewise, you need to include a few codes your layout. Meta labels are additionally as vital as meta depiction. Meta labels help you to build sound and better activity.
Process of adding meta tags in each blogger post:-
Suggestion: We always recommend you not to change any code of your template with keeping back up of your template.
Step 1: Log in into your blogger.
Step 2: Choose your one blog.
Step 3: Go to template>>edit html.
Step 4: And find the code <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
Step 5: Then paste the below codes below the above code.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “PAGE-URL”‘>
<meta content=’PAGE-DESCRIPTION’ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’PAGE-KEYWORDS’ name=’keywords’/>
Step 6: Now you have to paste the above code every times when you posts.
Note: If you have 20 posts, you should copy and paste the above code 20 times too.
Step 7: Than Save Template.
1. Add the url of your post in PAGE-URL.
2. Add meta description in PAGE-DESCRIPTION.
3. Add meta keyword in PAGE-KEYWORD.

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